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Assignment Content

  1. Using your analysis of the strategic plan from the Wk 2- Strategic Plan Research assignment, complete the following:

    Rubric: Published in the Announcements!!!

    Analyze in 350 to 525 words the:


Rubric – Wk 4 – Apply: Business Plan Assessment: Part 1 – Strategic Improvements

1. Purpose of the strategic plan – Introduction with mission and vision statement (13%)

2. Key objectives – Explanation of core values, ethics, and social responsibility principles (12%)

3. Market development and how your ideas fit – Marketing Plan & target?  Market strategy, implementation, and monitoring –(what part of your SWOT analysis (from week#2, will your market plan target?) (20%)

· 4. Process improvement-Work Flow / Training/Production/Scale-up  (20%)

5. Strategic objective AND Metrics for measuring the success of strategic plan(10%)

· 6. Process improvement-Work Flow / Training/Production/Scale-up Product/service – How do you deliver? Is there a way to improve quality over time to differentiate?

· 7. Development of people-HR/Labor Needs/Skills/Policies

8. Mechanics & grammar(3%)

9. Information literacy(2%)

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