Using the attached interview questions, write a reflective essay


Using the attached interview questions, write a reflective essay including the following:

  1. The first part of the essay should briefly describe the highlights and some of the key points of the interview. The second part of the essay should demonstrate synthesis of the course concepts, the highlights of the interview, and your own ethical practice. How do you incorporate ethics into your organizational life? How have some of the materials influenced your views on aspects of healthcare that are important to you?
    1. Within the interview summary, address the relationship of his/her comments to the topics, concepts, theories, and principles discussed in the course. Provide an analysis of his/her comments with the course concepts. For example, how does he/she incorporate the principles and theories of bioethics into decision-making? What leadership approaches does he/she use to support an ethical climate (culture of candor or culture of safety)? How does the leader’s practice align with the leader’s professional Code of Ethics (e.g. nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, healthcare executive).
  2. APA format required (see template posted in the assignment area of the course) which includes a minimum of level I and level II headings, and writing in third person. Length approximately 1500 words.
  3. Proper citation and reference format for a minimum of four different valid resources required (additional resource citation/reference encouraged).

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