The abstract for each week should be 5-7 sentences please. i have 3


If you are a little thrown or confused by the idea of an abstract paragraph, don’t fret. Everybody’s will be a bit different since your processes and ideas are different. Typically, abstracts in academic writing are meant to provide summary details – what’s the writing below the abstract about? Think about that, but also think about your process – one step in the writing process we may need to start employing while we are in academia is reflection. This entails going back to your work and identifying how your ideas have changed, but also how you did the actual work to revise the piece of writing.

So, for the abstract, think in three tiers:
1. Brief summary of that week’s writing post
2. Note if/how your ideas have changed after time passed
3. What did you then do (process) to create your final version to submit

Remember to use italics for the abstracts entries.

The abstract for each week should be 5-7 sentences please. I have 3 weeks work there, which translates to 3 abstracts.


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