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SOCW 6311 wk 5 assignment: Analyzing Focus Group Findings

Imagine that two focus groups have been conducted in an Asian American and immigrant community in a large urban city. The rationale of conducting the qualitative study was because it has been noted that many Asian Americans and immigrants are reluctant to seek mental health services. To further understand this issue, service providers including social workers, counselors, doctors, and nurses were recruited to discuss the barriers in implementing mental health services targeted to Asian Americans and immigrants. After the focus groups were transcribed, two research assistants were hired to conduct a content analysis of the transcripts. Refer to the Week 5 Handout: Content Analysis of Focus Groups.

As the social worker, you have been asked to analyze the focus group data and are charged with working with an advisory board in the community to formulate social work practice recommendations using the ecological model.

To prepare for this Assignment, review Week 5 Handout: Content Analysis of Focus Groups.

Submit a 3-4-page report of the following must have introduction and conclussion : Discuss      the themes found in the Week 5 Handout: Content Analysis of Focus Groups.     Based on this data, what is your analysis of the current barriers to      services?( Handout uploaded)

  1. Create      two social work recommendations to address a current barrier and explain      how the recommendation proposed addresses the findings.
  2. Discuss      how you would collaborate with the research stakeholders (e.g. service      providers and community members) to ensure that the data are interpreted      accurately and that the practice recommendations made will be culturally      appropriate.
  3. Critically      reflect on your own culture and explain how your cultural values and      beliefs may have influenced how you interpreted the focus group data. What      specific cultural knowledge do you think you need to obtain to conduct      culturally sensitive research with this group?

Support the assignment with references using assigned readings and/or additional scholarly literature.


Knight, K. R., Lopez, A. M., Comfort, M., Shumway, M., Cohen, J., & Riley, E.D. (2014). Single room occupancy (SRO) hotels as mental health risk environment among impoverished women.: The intersection of policy, drug use, trauma, and urban space. International Journal of Drug Policy, 25(3), 556-561 / 

Full intext citation and full references APA 7th addition  (refence for this APA provided)

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