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 Use an MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate the solutions for the problems listed below. You must demonstrate your detailed calculations by embedding the formulas/functions in the cells, rather than displaying those details as you would in a word processing document.  


  • Chapter 3 Problems: 1 (a & b only), 2–7, 9–11, 14–15
  • Chapter 4 Problems: 1–7, 9, 11, 13, 18, 20

Note: The Time-Value of Money (TVM) concepts (i.e., PV, FV, YTM, NPV, IRR, etc.) you will apply in this course were introduced and learned in the prerequisite course, Corporate Finance. You may find it helpful to refresh your memory from your notes and/or the reading from that course prior to beginning this assignment.

Look at the back of each chapter posted for questions 

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