Personal/professional learning journal five journals apa | SCWK 305 | Lewis University

Include the following in your reflection:

a. What was your immediate reaction to the selected assigned readings? Has your reaction changed? If so, how?

b. What do you think has influenced your immediate reaction? For example, can

you connect your reaction to previous personal or professional experiences;

family or cultural heritage; societal messages; prejudices, biases or lack of


c. What strengths/limitations would you identify for yourself, based on your


d. Develop a plan for growth to support your strengths or overcome your limitations. Be specific and identify a plan that is achievable in the short term. 

Journal entries are expected to demonstrate self-analysis based on thoughtful reflection and critical self-assessment. The journal entries will be graded on students’ ability to thoughtfully reflect about their reactions/responses and address each of the areas identified above. Journals should be approximately 3 pages long, typed, and double-spaced. They will be assessed based on the following criteria:

• Evidence of advanced level of reflection, providing thoughtful, critical, and honest self reflection and analysis

• Integration of assigned readings and class activities in reflection

• Ability to produce a well-organized journal with no grammatical errors

Points will be assigned as follows:

• 5 points: In-depth, thoughtful self-reflection & analysis; excellent integration of assigned readings in reflection; excellently organized & written

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