Memo for enterprise system implementation and enterprise architecture

write a 1-2 page memo (not including references page) to the CIO that identifies more than seven success criteria for implementation of enterprise systems, for the category of enterprise systems assigned to your group (ERP, SCM, CRM, etc.).  

1.  Each of these success criteria should be briefly explained and then related to how they would be appliedduring an implementation of the assigned category of enterprise systems within the CIO’s organization. 

2.  Discuss how each of the success criteria relates, on a larger scale, to satisfying the enterprise architecture.  Some areas to consider include the structure of the organization and its processes and culture; other aspects of a proposed implementation relate to the phases of the system development life cycle (needs analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance).  

3.  The case studies your group is using may be a good source of ideas. The criteria you identify must be applicable to enterprise systems (in the category assigned to your group) and should come from your research.

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