Marketing questions | Marketing homework help

Please answer each question briefly there is no word limit.


  1. Why is relationship or personal selling the best way to promote in business marketing?
  2. Please discuss “How does Hormel use its web site ( to promote its store brands? Is the site designed more to promote the company or it’s brands? Check out the Spam web site at How do you think Hormel is able to successfully sustain this brand that is often the punch line to a joke?”
    More than twenty-five years ago, Tim and Nina Zagat began publishing leisure guides containing reviews of restaurants. Today, the renowned Zagat guides still contain reviews of restaurants, but they also rate hotels, entertainment, nightlife, movies, shopping, and even music. In your opinion, are Zagat survey guides goods or services? Explain your reasoning.
  4. What kind of marketing channel functions can be performed over the internet? Why do you think so?”
  5. ” Do you think blogging is a truly disruptive communication channel, or is it just a fad that will ultimately not have a long-term impact on companies and brands?”

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