Macrosystem case study ed5430 | Education homework help


Submit the first section of your Macrosystem Case Study Application Project, which is your own case study.

This involves writing 3–4 pages describing and analyzing your case, which should be taken from real-world people. Interviews with parents, a child, and a teacher or an administrator are all to be included for a multiprong look at the situation you are writing about. The case must exemplify various issues related to the macrosystem. These issues are not limited to, but should cover an analysis of:

  1. The cultural issues and influences related to family involvement in education (to include family structure, economics, and ethnicity).
  2. The cultural forces and influences driving the way the school currently operates.
  3. Other factors and organizations affecting the child’s education.
  4. How these influences affect the education the child is currently getting.

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