Internal versus external candidates worksheet | HRM548 Recruitment And Retention Practices | University of Phoenix

Chart Attached- 1000words 

Complete the chart provided for you called W3- Internal vs. External Sources Comparison Chart & Grading Rubric in the assignment area. In the chart you will:

  • Identify and define 3 strategies used to evaluate internal versus external candidates and describe the pros and cons of each strategy
  • Describe factors that should be considered when deciding whether to hire from within or seek external candidates
  • Describe whether you would hire using an internal or external process


For all answers, you must defend your answers with examples and research. Complete the chart provided using size 10 Times New Roman font with single line spacing. Your total response must be at least 1000 words excluding references and the template instructions. 2 peer-reviewed references must be embedded in your responses along with the full citations listed in the appropriate cells.

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