Inferential statistics data analysis plan and computation | Stat 200


Part A: Inferential Statistics Data Analysis Plan and Computation


Variables Selected: 

Table 1: Variables Selected for Analysis


Variable   Name in the Data Set

Variable   Type


Qualitative   or Quantitative


Variable 1:


Marital   status


Variable 2:


Total amount   of annual expenditures


Variable 3:


Total   amount of annual expenditure

Data Set Description and Method Used for Analysis:

Briefly describe the data set, using information provided with data set and write up in Assignment #2. Also describe what method(s) (i.e., free web applets, Excel, TI Calculator) you used to analyze the data.

1. Confidence Interval Analysis: For one expenditure variable, select and run the appropriate method for estimating a parameter, based on a statistic (i.e., confidence interval method) and complete the following table (Note: Format follows Kozak outline):

Table 2: Confidence Interval Information and Results


Name of   Variable:


State   the Random Variable and Parameter in Words:


Confidence   interval method including confidence level and rationale for using it:


State   and check the assumptions for confidence interval:


Method   Used to Analyze Data:


Find the   sample statistic and the confidence interval:


Statistical   Interpretation: 

2. Hypothesis Testing: Using the second expenditure variable (with socioeconomic variable as the grouping variable for making two groups), select and run the appropriate method for making decisions about two parameters relative to observed statistics (i.e., two sample hypothesis testing method) and complete the following table (Note: Format follows Kozak outline):

Table 3: Two Sample Hypothesis Test Analysis


Research   Question:


Two   Sample Hypothesis Test that Will Be Used and Rationale for Using It:


State   the Random Variable and Parameters in Words:


State   Null and Alternative Hypotheses and Level of Significance:


Method   Used to Analyze Data:


Find the   sample statistic, test statistic, and p-value:


Conclusion   Regarding Whether or Not to Reject the Null Hypothesis:

Part B: Results Write Up

Confidence Interval Analysis:

Two Sample Hypothesis Test Analysis:


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