Heuristic usability analysis | Computer Science homework help

Heuristic Usability Analysis of your Prototype

  1. Usability Test/Test Plan
    1. Scenarios (from project 3)
    2. Tasks (from project 3)
    3. Task List (from project 3)
  2. Usability Data
    1. Use two participants.
    2. You can observe them using your prototype.
    3. Write your observation.
    4. Interview them after they used your product.
    5. Give them a questionnaire. 
    6. Make sure your data is clear and understandable. 
  3. Recommendations
    1. After your users have used your product, what are your recommendations for any usability problems that you observed from your users or that you got from the questionnaire.
    2. You can also rate the recommendations as major, minor, or non-issue, etc. if you like.

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