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 Essay should be a minimum of 5-6 full-typed pages.

Do not read professional interpretations of the poem in order to avoid the possibility of plagiarizing. Some research is required. Note is it advised that critical analysis from other authors should not be the bases for your interpretations. However, it is a plus to get some background information to understand the context of the poem you plan to write about.

Choose a poem from the list below that you think conveys a thought-provoking, important message about a specific aspect of this issue. What primary message does the poem convey about the issue of culture, ethnicity, or race, and how do the details and literary elements of this poem (diction / tone, imagery, figurative language, symbols, etc.) reveal this message? Write an essay in which you analyze the poem’s specific details and literary devices to help you support your ideas about the poem’s message.


What to identify in your poems: line, meter, stanza, title, voice, anaphora, assonance, cadence, metaphor, simile, satire, irony, historical allusions, alliteration, metonymy, synecdoche, pun, parody, repetition, form, rhyme

The poem is : Chinaka Hodge (1984) “Small Poems for Big” From the book The BreakBeat Poets

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