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Project Part 1: Network Design


The current network of NetWay Corporation consists of 1 web server (accessible by the public), 2

application servers, 2 database servers, 2 file and print servers, and 50 workstations. The web server

runs Linux/Apache, the other servers run Microsoft Windows Server, and the workstations run Microsoft

Windows. The network is connected through a series of switches, is not physically connected to other

networks, and runs Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). The network is protected by a single border firewall.

The senior network architect, whom you work for directly, has verified the company’s business goals and

has determined the features and functions required to meet those goals.

The senior network architect has asked you to create a network design that includes the following


 Current infrastructure elements

 A logical topology that separates the Accounting and Sales departments

 Redundant communications

 Justification for continuing with IPv4 or upgrading to IPv6


For this part of the project, perform the following tasks:

1. Conduct research to determine the best network design to ensure security of internal access

while retaining public website availability.

2. Design a network configuration with physical and logical topologies. Identify major network

elements (e.g., servers, switches, gateways) and their locations within the private and protected

network segments.

3. Include a high-level plan that ensures communications are available 24/7.

4. Recommend whether to continue using IPv4 or upgrade to IPv6, and explain why.

5. Create a basic network diagram that illustrates the current network and enhancements. Include a

few workstations to represent all workstations on the internal network. The diagram will be very

high level at this stage and include only necessary details. You may use a software tool or simply

pencil and paper. You will update this design later in the project.

6. Create a draft report detailing all information as supportive documentation.

7. Cite sources, where appropriate.

Required Resources

 Course textbook (The first four chapters in the textbook)

Submission Requirements

 Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible)

 Font: Arial, size 12, double-space

 Citation style: APA

 Length of report: 3–4 pages

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