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Class Reflection (Final assignment)


This assignment will help you reflect on what you have learned throughout the course. You need to spend time on this project, I am not looking for one-word answers. You should be looking for specific insights into the management process and a detailed explanation of how your learning progressed through the class. You can follow the outline in your textbook, specific to planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These could 4 functions of management could provide heading for your reflection. Expectations are that your reflection will include an introduction, body text, summary and references.

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Why should we reflect?

Critical reflection helps us to see and understand multiple perspectives, make new connections between our ideas, experiences, and thoughts, find flaws or strengths in our solutions to problems, think about alternative outcomes, consider new or additional applications, and gain meaning from an experience. Through reflection, we are able to transform experiences from mundane, meaningless activities to deep, meaningful learning.

Reflect & Compose

Reflect: Reflect on the discussions, interactions, readings, and practices you have experienced during this course. Ask yourself questions such as:

What have I learned during this course?

What “ah-ha” moments did I experience?

Keep in mind this is an introduction to management. What is still unclear to me that I need to research further or continue to work on?

This is an assessment of your contributions in the discussions. What did I contribute that made a difference to the learning of others?

In what ways will I apply what I have learned to the remainder of my courses and to my dissertation?

What actions do I need to take to continue my learning in the area addressed in this course?

What behaviors do I need to change to improve my learning experiences during the remainder of my courses and to my dissertation?

Compose: Write a substantial reflection of at least 500 words which represents roughly one page single spaced, 12-point font. I would like you to use a double space. I would also like for you to exceed the minimum. 

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