Cla2 marketing management | Marketing homework help

Write an APA 7th ed. formatted paper, of 10 to 15 pages in length not counting the title page,

references list or appendix. This paper is to be a reflection of what you have learned during the

course. The table of contents for the final CLA 2 assignment includes:

1. Brief introduction of project company/product/service,

2. Situation analysis including macro-environmental scan, “PESTEL” and SWOT analysis

3. Competitive analysis

4. Product/service features, benefits and brand identity

5. Marketing plan objectives described using SMART goals

6. Competitive analysis including differentiation, positioning and target market profile

7. How the marketing mix (the 4 Ps or 7 Ps) will work together to reinforce the plan

objectives, and the marketing communication budget.

8. Integrated Marketing Communications plan (IMC) for your product/service. Media plan

for this section should clearly state the communication message and how you will relate

the message through your selection of specific modes of communication.

BUS 510 Syllabus

17 of

9. Marketing communications budget including total budget and allocations for each media


10. The Executive Summary of the marketing plan is (1/2 page) should be the first page of

the marketing plan

11. References page

Remember, you must have at least six (6) peer-reviewed sources plus the textbook

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