Case study 4 | Human Resource Management homework help

Choose one between the Chapter 6 Case and the Chapter 7 Case. Read it. Answer all the following questions related to the case you selected. Include at least two (ideally three or more) references. At least one reference should be from a peer-reviewed journal article from Baker’s online library. The course textbook and/or course notes will not count toward the minimum required references. Use appropriate APA formatting guidelines.

Chapter 6 Case (Outrigger Hotels and Resorts) Questions:

  1. What are Outrigger Hotels and Resorts’ strengths?
  2. What are the firm’s weaknesses?
  3. What are the firm’s Critical Success Factors (CSF)?
  4. How well are current IS resources serving the needs of Outrigger Hotels and Resorts?
  5. What should be, in your opinion, the role of the IS function at Outrigger Hotels and Resorts?

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