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        Complete the questions 1, 2, 3, below, working with personality types.  

Learn more about these personality types at ( YOU MUST OPEN AND READ THIS LINK IN ORDER TO ANSWER QUESTIONS) LINK: (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.) and complete the following: 

Question 1. WHICH TYPE ARE YOU? Briefly explain (total 5 paragraphs; 1 paragraph is = to 8 sentences)

Question 2. Briefly describe the ISTJ and ENFP personality types in the Myers-Briggs categories (1 paragraph of 8 full sentences (phrases are not sentences (a couple of you wrote phrases instead of sentences in last assignment) .

Question 3. Critical Thinking Question: There are 2 peer employees that you simply cannot get along with or you are in arguments often at meetings. Let’s call them Albert and Jennifer. Albert is a ISTJ and nothing ever bothers him. Unfortunately, he agrees to everything, even if it’s apparent that doing his method will lose your company thousands of dollars ($240,000).
List 2 sentences stating HOW YOU can get Albert to give his true feelings – communicate with the group if he believes the group plans will succeed or fail and why. (How can you make him talk?)

Jennifer is YOUR OPPOSITE personality type. What personality type is opposite you? (answer this)

Other peers have noticed that neither you or Jennifer stand down/compromise.  List 2 sentences stating HOW YOU can improve this communicate. (I know, I said “YOU” and not her. Work conflicts are difficult.)

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