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Project: White and Black Box Test Cases Overview This homework will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of software testing for security. Assignment Details Using the text, Traditional Software Engineering Phases, provided in the first week of the course, develop one White Box and Black Box test case for the ATM system that was the subject of previous assignments. Your Black Box test case should address one of the threats you identified in an earlier assignment. Design the Black Box test case to determine if the threat is mitigated by the design. The White Box test case can verify any internal logic function or operation. Each White Box and Black Box test cases should focus on one feature/function of the ATM system. Use your high-level design of your ATM system that you developed in an earlier assignment as the basis for your test cases. Define the test data, test steps, and any test tools that you would employ to perform testing. Your report should be well-organized and provide references for all resources used. Deliverable You should create a word or PDF document with your report on White and Black Box test cases. The document should be well-written and include references for all sources you used support your work. Be sure to include your name, date and course number on the document in the title page. 

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