Procurement outsourcing strategies | Operations Management homework help

Part 1:

Please complete the following “Procurement Outsourcing Strategies” scenario.


Go through the scenario.


Your task is to determine which procurement strategy is best for the company.


Part 2:

Start your paper by giving a brief summary of the scenario. Then identify the problem at hand. Write a couple of paragraphs that critically evaluate the three possible solutions (describe advantages and disadvantages of each). Doing this will help you make the best recommendation. Choose a solution by making a clear and specific recommendation. Describe how the company can implement your recommendation.

**TIP: Write in third person.  Use APA format.  You must use at least 3 sources with in text citations for each.


At the end, discuss the questions that are presented below.


Answer the following questions:

What did you find challenging in completing the scenario? 

How do strategic alliances impact procurement outsourcing strategies ?

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