International trade management – case study..

Hello there,

Due tonight. OR at 2am in the morning, If you can’t delevier quality and timing, please do not ask for hand shake 


I have a midterm case study and there are 7 questions to be naswered based on the case.

The course name is: International Trade Management. So answers should be all around the supject please.

If you add a little of analysis of the case i would appreciate it

supjects from the course:

1-Global Trends and Drivers

2-Managing for International Competitiveness

3 – Manager as a Planner

4 – Global Approach to Managing Money

5 – Manager as Organizer

6 – Managing Corporations and Strategic Alliances

case and questions will be uploaded. 

Please make it very helpful, so I can be able to answer them on exam!

Due tonight. OR 


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