International business: midterm essay exam version a


he midterm exam is based on all the material covered so far in the course. Review all the readings as you prepare to write the exam.

Review the following essay questions. Write all the answers in a Word document and submit it below. Be sure to follow APA style and use in-text citations if needed.

  1. In this course, we provided an overview on how the economic, political, and legal environments affect international business operations. For this essay, explain how the economic environment affects international business operations.
  2. For this essay, detail how good corporate governance, ethical behavior should be an integral part of everything that a company does.
  3. Culture can be defined as a learned behavior; a way of life for one group of people living in a single, related, and independent community. Explain the influence culture has on a country’s business strategy.
  4. Describe the process of globalization and the challenges and opportunities it presents to business. Provide an example of a challenge and an example of an opportunity.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Answers show comprehension and application of theories and models.
  • Arguments are well developed, with statements supported by reasons, research information, and examples where appropriate.
  • Research is relevant to the topics and sources are correctly cited in APA style.

Midterm Essay Exam Version A

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