Discussion week 7 – blockchain security | Blockchain security

 This week’s reading introduced an overview of blockchain security. 

1- Introduction

2- Describe how you would go about ensuring the security of data stored on a public blockchain. 

    Assume that your blockchain app is one that manages prescription drugs for individual patients. Considering each of the elements of the CIA triad, describe how you might protect the blockchain data security. 

3- conclusion

4- Then think of three questions you’d like to ask other students and add these to the end of your thread. The questions should be taken from material you read or videos you watched from this week’s assigned activities. 

5- References (minimum 2 or more with proper citation)

450 words

 Documents for above and can take it from outside as well 

This week’s required readings:


WATCH: Blockchain Security: Smart Contracts & Wallets


WATCH: Blockchain explained – why security matters

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