Critical analysis of amazon | Management homework help

I need help carrying out a critical Internal and external analysis of Amazon.


Critical Internal Analysis: For an internal analysis, I need help in utilizing two main tools: SWOT and Value Chain Analysis. This section should examine Amazon’s internal environment to assess its resources, competencies and competitive advantage. The analysis should include be based on the “after” covid period, i.e. from the current state of the company. Basically an analysis of how Covid has affected the company using SWOT and Value Chain analysis.

Critical External Analysis: To examine the opportunities and threats in the business environment, a critical external analysis should be performed. It should be divided into 2 sections. Each of these sections would utilize a different strategic tool.

Macro-environment: Using DESTEP, the six components of the macro-environment would be thoroughly analyzed in relation to Amazon. These components


• Demographic forces

• Economic forces

• Socio-cultural forces

• Technological forces

• Ecological forces

• Political forces

Industry analysis: For a complete industry analysis, Porter’s Five forces model

would be utilized. This model would include:

• Competition in the industry

• Potential of new entrants into the industry

• Power of suppliers

• Power of customers

• Threat of substitute products

Again this analysis should show how Covid has impacted the company. 

I would like the sources properly cited with a reference page and want as many references as possible (>30 – 50 if possible). 

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