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 Correlate your job responsibilities with the course outcomes listed below. 300 Words. APA Format

Job Responsibilities

• As an Oracle ERP Test Lead was responsible for managing 6 resources who were part of the Oracle testing team

• Able to extract back-end data using SQL/Toad queries

• Tested sales cycles by implementing Oracle Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions effectively.

• Involved in Integration testing using various SFTP/SOA Middleware.

• Validated SOAP UI and Restfull API services

• Involved in developing Test Plans and Test cases for the entire functionality.

• Worked closely with Developers and Cross-Functional teams for different issues.

• Flow Testing for Oracle SCM Modules (AR, AP, OM, CM, INV, PO, GL) to make sure flow is working without any issues.

• Tested B2B, B2C and B2E order flow.

• Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from oracle database.

• Written Standard test scripts for Oracle Order to Cash O2C Modules and Procure to Pay P2P Modules

• Tested EDI Batches from OTM to Oracle

• Tested database objects like tables, views, sequences using SQL/PLSQL.

• Done Field by Filed comparison of OTM and Oracle Data

• Responsible for Test Plan Preparation, Test Strategy Preparation, Team Meetings Facilitation, Defect Tracking Facilitation, Report bugs, etc.

• Analyze, design, prototype, configure, test, document, and implement new or modify existing software to support various business processes.

• Assist key users in testing new functionality, documenting and retaining ERP knowledge.

• Documented testing results and updated the same for verification to the management.

• Test a new enhancement for a Business Process.

• Involved End to end testing for business process using all application tiers.

Course Outcome

a) Database Systems – Students will study database architecture (physical, logical, modeling, and normalization). This will include the following learning area:1) Database fundamentals; 2) The Relational Model; 3) Structured Query Language; 4) Data Modeling and ER Diagrams; 5) Database Design; 6) Database Administration; 7) Database processing / applications; 8) Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence Systems, and Big Data

b) Object Oriented Programming (OOP) – Students will develop and test OOP using the Java platform.  This will include the following learning area: 1) An introduction to OOP (using Java); 2) How to start writing code; 3) How to use classes and methods; 4) How to code your own classes and methods; 5) How to work with primitive types and operators; 6) How to code control statements; 7) How to work with strings;8) How to work with arrays; 9) How to work with inheritance; 10) How to work with interfaces; 11) How to work with dates and times; 10) How to handle exceptions

c) Operating Systems – Students will study database architecture (physical, logical, design, and normalization). This will include the following learning area: 1) Chapter 1 – Components of a Modern Computer; 2) Processes and Threads; 3) Memory Management; 4) File Systems; 5) Input / Output Operations; 6) Deadlocks; 7) Virtualization and the Cloud; 8) Multiple Processor Systems.

d) Computer Networking – Students will study computer network architecture (physical, logical, and protocols). This will include the following learning area: 1) Core Network Concepts and Terminology; 2) Terminology and Network Standards; 3) Network Management; 4) Network Security; 5) Ethernet (802.3) Switched LANs; 6) Wireless LANs, 7) TCP/IP Internetworking I; 8) Wide Area Networks (WANs)

e) Software Engineering – Students will study building computer software systems (project management (waterfall, agile), requirements constructs, design, development, and testing). This will include the following learning area: 1) Software Engineering from 20,000 Feet; 2) Before the Beginning; 3) Project Management; 4) Requirement Gathering; 5) High-level Design; 6) – Low-level Design; 7) Development; 8)Testing 

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