Conscious sedation | Nursing homework help


Homework is to be presented as a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. Be sure to clearly address each question. The assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document electronically to the instructor.

  1. Define the term conscious sedation.
  2. Describe the symptoms of a patient needing conscious sedation and how this decision would be made.
  3. What is the primary effect of sedation and why is it important for patients to be closely monitored for even the simplest procedure?
  4. How would sedation dose affect different patients?

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected

Analyze our solar system by breaking down the similarities and

Analyze our solar system by breaking down the similarities and difference of the geocentric and heliocentric view. Applying the nebular theory, discuss the formation and characteristics of our Terrestrial and Jovian Planets compared to the Earth. Essay needs to be at least 500 words and sources cited in APA format. Save as a Word document

What textual and contextual elements indicate this column’s

What textual and contextual elements indicate this column’s particular audience? Identify what you believe to be Murray’s central argument. Where does his argument become clear? How do the essay’s details and their arrangement, diction, tone, and structure contribute to its argument? What explicit statements does Murray make about photographs? How do these statements contribute to the essay’s purpose, if at all? What is the importance of Murray’s use of antithesis in the essay? How do such juxtapositions jibe with his argument? How does Murray’s comment on our “ability to stop time in this way” mesh with the inclusion of the photograph? How does the comment deepen our understanding of his argument?


Application papr | Human Resource Management homework help

 By Wednesday midnight, submit through the Turnitin submission area in Blackboard a 5 – 6 page papr that discusses three insights gained from Human Resurce foundation  (HRCU 600)  into effective people management, why each insight is valuable to you, and how you have or will apply the insights to enhance your effectiveness as a manager and leader. While the papr should focus on your personal learning, insights and real world application, it must be based on course concepts and be supported by 3 or more reliable sources. 

Immigration | Sociology homework help

For your written assignment, look at the information for the three countries listed below – Afghanistan, Haiti and Honduras.  Select one country – out of the 3 – and address the questions below. 

  1. What country did you choose (Honduras, Haiti, or Afghanistan) and why?
  2.  Do you think the factors creating the situation we are hearing about are more push or more pull?  Explain and illustrate with examples.  (You can find this in the readings about each country that are included in the readings section below.)
  3. If you were a person living in the country you chose, and you and your family were facing the risks the people currently attempting to leave are facing, what do you think you would do?  In the case of Afghanistan, many people who want to leave have spent several years waiting for their legal paperwork as refugees to be processed.  In the case of Honduras, there is no legal pathway to immigration, but people who are leaving are hopeful that they will meet the qualifications for asylum – since they feel that their lives and their children’s lives are in danger.  In the case of Haiti, again, with no legal pathway to immigrate to the US, centuries of economic profiteering, graft, political corruption and illegal activity (in which the US and US companies played a part) have rendered the island nation unable to create the resources needed to support all of its people.  As you craft your answer, please use the information provided that describes the 3 ways people can enter the US, understanding that the US also sets ‘caps’ on the number of people who can come from any country and in each of these categories.

As you write your analysis, be certain you address the questions above. In addition to the 500 word analysis, please make 2 substantive peer responses.  This is a really important forum to read peer responses as, to an extent, our posts will reflect the different ways people in the US approach this issue.

If you want additional information – beyond what is already included here, the United Nations has an excellent database you can use for this – .  The CIA (yes, that CIA) also has an extensive library of factual information , and this one from a university has information on environmental disaster affected countries – 

Week 2 discussion: personal encounter with dementia | GERN 5690 | Webster University

 Do you personally know an older adult who either has been diagnosed with dementia or exhibits behaviors that you think might be related to dementia?

  •  If the answer is yes, how you feel about that person and your comfort level interacting with this individual.
  • If not, describe your assessment of an older person that you have met who you would guess to have dementia.

  Minimun 300 words 

Textbooks: Innes, A. (2009). Dementia Studies: A Social Science Perspective. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. (paperback version)  ISBN 978-1-4129-2164-0 

Technological hazards and the changing nature of environmental hazards

What are ‘man-made’ hazards and how might you distinguish them from ‘technological’ hazards? Provide examples of both ‘man-made’ and ‘technological’ hazards.

Further, assess the nature of a ‘man-made’ hazard. Why is it in the estimation of many, far less unpredictable and potentially, far more hazardous?

Of the differing types of ‘man-made’ hazards, which do you think most probable and how might we mitigate the potential for?

Please respond with 300 words or more APA style. 

Supply and demand | Accounting homework help


  • Distinguish between producer and consumer theory.

You are a junior executive of a new cellular phone carrier called Technologies of the Future (TOF) that competes in the same market as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You have been tasked with providing the Committee Board members of TOF with a report that discusses issues that would be encountered by Technologies of the Future (TOF) when deciding whether  TOF and Apple iPhones are substitutes or complementary goods and when analyzing the price elasticity of demand for the competitors’ smartphones. Address the following items in your report:

  • If the price elasticity of demand is 5, and prices increase by 10%, calculate the percentage change in quantity demanded.
  • Explain which TOF smartphones and Apple iPhones would be considered substitutes or complementary goods in terms of changes in price, and what impact a change in quantity would have.
  • Is the cross-price elasticity of demand positive or negative, and why?
  • Explain which TOF smartphones and phone chargers would be an example of substitutes or complementary goods.

evidence of evolution | Science homework help

Directions: Complete Evidence of Evolution in the lab manual. Scan all the completed pages and submit them as one file as directed below.



Submission: To submit your file, choose the link titled, Lab Report 13: Evidence of Evolution, above. Use the “Browse My Computer” button in the Attach File area to attach your document. Be sure to complete your submission by choosing the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.


Medicine through video conferencing | Information Systems homework help


Medicine Through Videoconferencing

Read the Real World Case 3: Brain Saving Technologies, Inc. and the T-Health Institute: Medicine through Videoconferencing (pp. 236-237).

In a three- to five-page paper (not including the title page or reference page), respond to the following:

  1. From the perspective of the patient, explain how you would feel about being diagnosed by a doctor who could be hundreds or thousands of miles from you. Describe any expectations or concerns you would have about that kind of experience.
  2. Discuss other professions, aside from health care and education that could benefit from the application of some of the technologies discussed in this case. Explain how they would derive business value from these projects. Develop two proposals in different professional settings.
  3. The deployment of IT in health professions is still very much in its infancy. Discuss other uses of technology that could potentially improve the quality of health care. Compose a list of at least three alternatives.

Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and it must include citations and references for the text and at least two scholarly sources.